Hemispheres; A World of Opportunity In All The Right Places

Hemispheres represents the expansive real estate portfolio of TI Capital and currently controls over 2,100 acres of high demand land in California and Hawaii, with over 3,600 residential housing units either fully entitled or nearing entitlement. The company has additional premium commercial, office, and retail holdings throughout the west. The Hemispheres portfolio is led by real estate veteran John Baayoun, former Southern California Division President for Lennar Homes, who now oversees all real estate operations for TI Capital.
TI Capital is a unique multinational investment firm that focuses on the deployment and stewardship of its own capital, while also working alongside preferred investment partners to achieve outsized returns on opportunities that would not be accessible otherwise. TI Capital grew from a West Coast-based venture capital fund into a multinational family of companies with expertise in private equity, real estate, venture capital financial services, and energy with offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States.